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CAMHS Community Business Guide Release May 2016.pdf

CAMHS Modelling Excel Tool Guidance

This guide is for the first full version (v.2.0) of the Excel tool (published May 2016) – this is the first official release after testing of the beta-version. Inpatient (T4) tool has now been enabled.

All initial users are asked to register their details with us before being sent the file to run the tool (and associated support files) to keep users update with any changes.

Click here for additional guidance and other files.

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CAMHS tool (no .exe files) v2.0a.zip

If you are unable to download and run the .exe application files please download the tool here (.zip). When you have downloaded the file, you will need to unzip/'Extract all' documents for the tool to work correctly.

Please note, to use the tool you will also need to install the 'qtp'  XLL Excel add-in. The Queueing ToolPak 4.0 does not work on the following platforms: Macintosh, 64-bit Excel 2010.