Our CHIS ensures that children receive appointments at the correct age for NHS immunisation and national health screening programmes.

Health professionals – such as health visitors, school nurses and general practitioners – rely on our CHIS so that they can do their jobs safely and securely. It plays a critical role in immunisation scheduling and health visitor appointments; sending out letters to parents, recording and monitoring NHS public health programmes.

At SCW we provide CHIS in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset, and South Gloucestershire (BNSSSG).

CHIS in southern England

From 1 April 2017 CHIS in Buckinghamshire, Swindon, Gloucestershire, and Bath and North East Somerset (BaNES) transferred to our organisation and joined our Berkshire and Oxfordshire CHIS teams to create a new single service called SCW CHIS – South Central. SCW CHIS is also responsible for CHIS in Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset and South Goucester (BNSSSG).  

An important aspect of this change is that our SCW CHIS – South Central teams now use the same IT software, a system called CarePlus. Previously only the Swindon team used CarePlus; the teams in BaNES, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire used different systems.

We believe that a single CHIS team – all using the same IT software – means:

  • Peace of mind and assurance that childrens' data can be efficiently and securely tracked, saved and updated
  • Improved support to safeguarding services
  • Less risk of incomplete or inaccurate data that can be caused by multiple IT systems
  • Better access for health professionals to child immunisation and screening records
  • Health professionals can keep track of childrens' health information (such as vaccination records) if they move to another town in area

For further information about CHIS, please contact Iona Rees, Head of Child Health Information Services

Tel: 07789 285779
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Transforming your key data into a visually appealing and understandable format, the Intelligence Point portal, brings together an array of information and tools supporting commissioning decision making, patient care and performance monitoring through a single entry point of access – your portal, your content. Visit the portal now

What is Intelligence Point?

Intelligence Point is a core decision support and monitoring tool developed in conjunction with our customers with the primary aim of supporting their
immediate needs as commissioners to monitor the system and make short and intermediate commissioning decisions underpinned by intelligence.

Designed using the latest technology, data visualisation and user experience techniques to provide a clear, understandable and visually appealing experience for our customers, it provides a powerful suite of data sources giving the greatest depth and breadth of data available in an NHS informatics product. This is all available through an easily accessible web based portal via a secure N3 connection. ‘User friendliness’ is a crucial element of Intelligence Point. The aim of the portal is to enable any user to be able to find and access relevant content with a few mouse clicks.

How can Intelligence Point help me?

Intelligence Point enables you to fully monitor and investigate healthcare indicators and health care usage across your area to manage and optimise service
provision. It offers a single point of quality assured data whilst allowing users to personalise their experience. Users can intuitively drill down from executive summary to detailed analytics, allowing them to:

  • Identify and quantify system pressures
  • Undertake deep dive data analysis
  • Review patient pathways – using selected metrics to outline key stages in delivery
  • Utilise benchmarking and collaboration abilities - to compare or share across organisations

The portal is built to be responsive to your local needs offering flexibility over time in both content and cost efficiencies.

What are the benefits of using Intelligence Point?

Provider Management
All your provider documentation and operational monitoring information and supporting tools can be found to deliver
contract assurance.

Covers national agenda standards and statutory reporting, and local reviews reporting for commissioners.

Geographic Intelligence and Maps
Library of maps and map tools providing the ability to question, analyse, and interpret data to understand relationships,
patterns and trends.

Business Intelligence
Supporting a wide range of business decisions from operations and strategy through to transformation.

Pathways Intelligence
An area supporting commissioner to measure, monitoring and analyse patients pathways. It combines various healthcare
data into provider intelligence in a single place.

Knowledge Share
Sharing area for key support document and knowledge sharing.

Read or download the leaflet for Intelligence Point

Visit the portal

communications wheel of offerings

“Evidence suggests that engaging and involving communities in the planning, design and delivery of health and care services can lead to more joined-up, co-ordinated and efficient services that are more responsive to local community needs. Public participation can also help to build partnerships with communities and identify areas for service improvement.”
Transforming Participation in Health and Care, NHS England, December 2013

Patient and public engagement should be at the heart of the NHS and a core component of helping commissioners and health and social care colleagues to transform services. We understand our customers’ commitment to developing strong relationships with patients, local communities and the public and support them to ensure these voices are really heard. Our approach is based on many years of experience but also our commitment to develop innovative channels of engagement. We work in an integrated way, combining communications with engagement, in the belief that good communications encourages engagement and that good engagement informs communications.

How can we help you?

The Communications and Engagement team can help you to:

  • Understand the views and concerns of your communities and key stakeholders
  • Develop ongoing dialogue with patient and stakeholder groups to ensure that patient and public participation is central to what you do
  • Develop and support patient groups so they are able to contribute to your business. We have developed and supported groups based on communities of interest (for example, on particular conditions) or geographical area, and have worked with GP practices to build their patient and public engagement groups
  • Undertake specific engagement programmes to support service change and formal consultations to support major service redesign

Providing a flexible and innovative approach to engagement, we are always exploring new ways of establishing dialogue with patients and the public. Some examples of our approach might include:

  • Establishing expert patient groups and facilitating experience based co-design by bringing patients and clinicians together
  • Working with the voluntary sector, community and patient groups and working in partnership with other NHS organisations and local authorities
  • Working with Easyread, translation and interpreting organisations
  • Outreach to groups and communities who would not normally engage
  • Focus groups and surveys using both a qualitative and quantitative approach
  • Events & roadshows
  • Online engagement and extensive use of social media
  • Communications to support engagement (collateral, media handling, visual and audio visual materials).

How will I be supported?

We operate a full service communications and engagement model, managing a wide range of digital communications, media relations, and patient and stakeholder communications. We offer a menu of options to support you, ranging from a single product such as a website makeover, a bundle of services to support major service change, to a fully embedded communications and engagement service.

Here is what is on offer:

  • Strategic and campaign planning
  • Training and support
  • Online engagement tools
  • Patient and Public Engagement planning and execution
  • Digital / social media management
  • Press relations and media outreach
  • Reputation and crisis management, including on-call
  • Animation and video production
  • Graphic and web design
  • Copy writing and editorial
  • GP surgery communications
  • Stakeholder relations and community outreach
  • Service transformation project support.

SCW staff

Why work with our communications and engagement team?

Here at SCW we couple our deep understanding of the health service with fresh thinking and new ideas. It means our professional team has the skills, expertise and NHS experience to quickly understand your issues, the message you want to convey and to develop appropriate communications solutions to deliver an effective and convincing approach.

Our well-connected NHS experts have a good understanding of commissioning and service provision processes and the political agenda across health economies and use this insight to support you with successful communication and engagement strategies.

We can work alongside your existing in-house communications team or carry complete responsibility for the function. However you choose to engage with us, you’ll benefit from the independence and breadth of experience that
comes from working with SCW.

Our communications and engagement team in action – supporting service transformation projects

In Oxfordshire, we have worked with the CCG to develop a holistic approach to engagement in service transformation which has the following stages:

Listening Phase

During the initial listening phase, while the CCG is developing an outline business case for consideration, we use the ‘Talking Health’ membership (see below) to find volunteers for a variety of projects, including ‘patient advisory groups’ which bring together patients and clinicians to explore current patient experience and how care could be improved. We also seek volunteers who are willing to tell their experience on film. This is then shared with clinicians developing pathway redesign, to remind them that the process should be patient centred.

At the same time we work through the CCG network of practice based patient participation groups and the locality public forums we have helped them to develop so that they can discuss issues with their communities and seek feedback.

Public engagement/consultation

Once a full business case has been developed, we use a variety of methods to seek public views, often tailored to the topic being explored. For example, Talking Health:
This online engagement and consultation system which allows members to define the subject areas they are interested in and how they want to engage. All responses are stored on the system and a tagging function allows for qualitative analysis of responses to be translated into quantitative data. It can be used for surveys, discussion forums and patient feedback on draft documents. It can also link to other social media sites.

Social Media

We use social media pro-actively to support our engagement, using the appropriate channel for specific audiences. For example, during any face to face events, live Tweets are sent to tell people what is happening and inviting feedback.

Other approaches

Other methods of engagement are tailored to the specific issue under discussion and might include:

  • Working with partners through their communications channels and engagement networks
  • Working with the voluntary sector to reach out to specific groups, including hard to reach and minority groups
  • Utilising local businesses to reach the working well and universities and colleges to reach the student population.

Closing the loop – You said, we did

Once we have completed an engagement or consultation programme and have analysed the results, we use multiple channels to feed back to participants so they know what was said and – more importantly – what has been done with what was said.

Our Business Support Services provide all the skills and resources you need to run an efficient and effective organisation.

What do we offer?

Our Business Support Service provides high quality, flexible, and responsive solutions that give you exactly the level of local support you need, when you need it. We provide at scale solutions delivered locally, by sharing our resources, expertise, and innovations with customers across a broad geography. You will receive seamless access to a wide range of expertise from our integrated delivery teams who have total accountability for service quality. These services can be centralised to optimise cost-efficiency, delivered locally on-site to maximise responsiveness and shared learning, or provided through ‘blended’ solutions that balance these benefits.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Business support solutions are responsive to your local needs and flexible over time in both content and cost. We will provide you with dedicated local staff and support and offer excellent value for money
  • Our teams deliver a comprehensive set of business support solutions that will integrate into all aspects of your business, allowing you to create an effective and robust organisation and provide assurance to your Governing Body on the delivery of statutory duties and ensure financial resources are maximised for the benefit of patient care
  • Supporting you to keep your business functioning safely and successfully and your staff engaged

What can we help you with?

  • Business Intelligence – helping our customers to understand more than just activity by integrating data sources and helping them to manage reports to provide a holistic health overview
  • Information Technology – providing an end-to-end range of IT services and technology support solutions that demonstrate value-for-money
  • Human Resources – ConsultHR – helping our customers to run their businesses effectively by providing a cost effective and efficient transactional HR service doing things at scale, sharing knowledge and promoting best practice
  • Financial Services – our expert team of NHS management and financial accountants can provide management accounting and reporting, as well as financial accounting and transactional services
  • Governance – supporting our customers with Corporate Governance, Information Governance, Freedom of Information, Risk Management, Health and Safety, Business Continuity Planning, Incident Management and Policy Management
  • Communications and Engagement – a full service communications and engagement service creating, developing and delivering a wide service offer, including patient and public engagement and stakeholder relationship management, digital communications, PR and media relations, campaigns and reputation management
  • Supply Chain – support from an extensive range of partnerships, voluntary and third sector organisations, and specialist consultancy partners who complement the our own expertise

Our Transformation and Consultancy service works with you to help reshape care delivery to improve patient outcomes.

We harness innovative technology, commissioning best practice and leading change model tools and techniques to assess and redesign key pathways and services. By collaborating with stakeholders across the health and social care system, we develop clinically appropriate, evidence-based transformation strategies and help turn them into reality.

What do we offer?

From developing in-depth diagnostics of your current situation; to creating compelling cases for change; delivering phases of change; and evaluating and reviewing to ensure your intended outcomes have been achieved, our capability to deliver spans the entire change process. We can support you to deliver transformational change across your healthcare system in order to become more efficient and achieve better outcomes.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Strong experienced support in the redesign of care systems and care services; the development of care organisations; establishing and implementing new commissioning frameworks; delivery of procurement programmes; and the design and delivery of complex IT enabled change programmes including interoperability and IT system replacement
  • A wide range of knowledge and expertise ensures that the right mix of products and services are selected, based on both your own capability and the specific requirements of each task
  • Bespoke delivery teams who have the combination of skills required to achieve your desired outcomes will work with you to fully understand your needs
  • A cost effective approach will enable and facilitate change at all levels, ranging from small scale projects to large transformational change programmes
  • The support of an extensive range of partnerships across the academic, clinical, university, Public Health, voluntary and third sector organisations; and specialist consultancy partners are used to complement the CSU's internal expertise

What can we help you with?

  • System leadership and performance
  • Turnaround support
  • Assurance and delivery support
  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Creating a case for change
  • Service redesign
  • Programme and project delivery
  • Evaluation and review
  • Stakeholder engagement and change management
  • Technology led change
  • Commissioning models
  • Procurement advice and support
  • Organisational development

Our Provider Management service helps you optimise the quality and value for money of local health and social care provision.

We monitor and manage providers at every stage of the commissioning cycle, applying our contract management, negotiation, and business intelligence expertise to improve visibility and control for commissioners. This insight ensures consistent delivery of commissioning intentions and health outcome targets by the organisations providing care.

What do we offer?

Provider Management helps you to achieve commissioning ambitions by translating commissioning strategy and plans into service delivery to patients and local people.

It enables our customers to execute their commissioning strategy and plans, secures the health and healthcare services their populations need, and ensures continuously improving patient safety, quality and experience. Support is available to ensure you meet the NHS Constitution's standards and other policy requirements and realise the benefits of system and service transformation, through contractual arrangements and service delivery within the service provision system.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Productive relationships with and between commissioners and providers
  • A robust process underpinning commissioning delivery and underlining system leadership
  • CCG and patient confidence in provider performance, quality of care and engagement
  • Achieving value for money across commissioning budgets/running costs
  • Contributing to sustainability or forming the foundations for transformational change

What can we help you with?

  • Support to commissioners developing commissioning intentions and contracting strategy
  • Demand and capacity planning assumptions and other tactical thinking
  • Developing and implementing new contractual models
  • Planning, managing and leadership of contract negotiations with providers
  • Monitoring, reporting and managing performance of providers, networks and systems
  • Procurement of clinical services, non-clinical and transactional services
  • Clinical effectiveness and quality improvement
  • Managing investment and disinvestment
  • Stewardship of organisations and wider system
  • Medicines Management
  • Delivery of specialist functions including:
    • Equalities and Diversity within commissioning organisations and commissioning/contracting
    • Individual Funding Requests (IFR)
    • Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) and complaints
  • System management and resilience
  • Provider management within large scale change programmes

Whether you require a single specialist service or a comprehensive commissioning support solution, we will work together to analyse, plan and improve the quality and value of local health and care services.

Understanding that you have unique requirements, we respond with an integrated solution delivering the best combination of services, processes, tools and skilled staff to enable you to achieve the best possible outcomes for your patients. We have the flexibility to provide as much or as little support as you require, from a specific stand-alone business support solution to an integrated business package.

Getting the right skills, experience and services 

To match the right skills, experience and services to your needs and strategic goals, we work in blended teams combining our in-house expertise with a wide variety of partners, from niche providers to major consultancies, supporting customers in providing quality patient-centred care.

Patient-centred approach

The diagram shows our patient-centred approach and its relationship to the way we organise our services into three main business units, to optimise performance and your access to skills in each area:

Our wheel of services